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What is the problem?

The future for healthcare in South Africa is both extremely exciting and challenging. Prof Portal Africa is aimed at assisting in some of these challenges by providing a proven method to support the increase of knowledge and skills through collaboration.

* Survey amongst 281 nurses working in private hospitals in the Western Cape.
** Survey amongst 423 nurses at Groote Schuur Hospital.
† Results interview with UCT Private Academic Hospital, National Renal Care, Mediclinic, Emergency Medical Services.

Find it very important to receive continuous training.*

Have not had training in the last year.*


Did not attend any training in the past 3 years.**


Would like to continuously develop themselves.**


Preferred the e-learning over a traditional classroom.**


Organizations expressed difficulty with training staff at work.†

Our Solution


Identify the potential of making a considerable difference in standardising healthcare providers skills and standards.Update and refresh healthcare providers on the latest standards and evidence based protocols with a growing range of modules.


The platform is facilitated using PulseWeb® learning technology, a web-based learning environment centered on individual learning processes in the context of an organisation. The concept combines the different roles which are involved in effective development of skills.


These processes can all be created, followed and reported, establishing an educational infrastructure for continuous learning in, and between, organisations. The platform provides a management tool that enables HR and management to keep track of what their staff know, and more importantly – what they don’t know. This information will assist in planning the needed modules to fill the gaps and progressively develop their staff in an efficient way.

Less time in the classroom and more time in the ward! The platform has the added benefit of keeping track of CPD points for the staff and expiry dates of points. The overview allows management to keep track of what their staff is learning and how they are progressing.

Available Modules

All modules are available online, and is accessible from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The modules are based on blended learning, a combination of traditional and web-based learning.

Management of patient on Enteral Feeding
  • Indications, contra indications, safety aspects and complications of enteral feeding.

  • Procedure on enteral feeding (management).

  • Aspiration protocol.

  • Pre-test, practice exam and final examination.

Vital Sign Observation Techniques
  • Focus on correct techniques.

  • Different types of observations.

  • Theoretical and visual guides.

  • Learn to take accurate observations while monitoring patients.

Computer Literacy
  • Basic Computer Skills module in case of no prior training.

  • Windows interface, keyboard and mouse proficiency.

  • Intermediate Computer Skills follow up.

  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint presentations and web browser basics.

  • Identifying the spinal injury.

  • Effects of immobilisation.

  • The decision to immobilise.

  • How to immobilise.

  • The future of immobilisation.

Urine testing and analysis
  • Physical and chemical urine testing procedure.

  • Understanding indications of urine analysis.

  • Infection prevension with relevant methods and counselling.

Intravenous Therapy
  • Observation and documenting of findings.

  • Anatomy and physiology of arteries, veins and skin.

  • Preventing complications.

  • Infection prevention control measures.

Who Are We

Prof Portal Africa is changing the way healthcare professionals work. Established in 2014 as a PTY and owned and managed by Kathy Bodmer and Claire van het Bolscher. Noordhoff Health from the Netherlands owns the platform. Prof Portal Africa has the exclusive right to market the concept into Africa.

Training Partners

What advantages does Prof Portal Africa provide its training partners?

"Connecting rural students and staff to modules on the platform, it would help the students complete comprehensive assessment and to understand the rationale behind it."

- Anonymous

Western Cape College of Nursing

"Prof Portal Africa will provide a valuable e-learning platform for undergraduate students. Will be greatly beneficial in our plan to decentralise student learning."

- Lisa Kaestner

University of Cape Town

"Guidance to create a meaningfull program. Next to that it enables us to reach out to rural areas that previously were difficult to educate and empower."

- Jacques Lloyd

Disability Consultant

"It enables the student to study anytime and anywhere, and give opportunity to learn from other services and departments."

- Jeanne Spamers

Emergency Medical Services

"The e-learning platform will enhance learning in clinical areas, improve computer skills and improve quality patient care by knowledgeable nurses."

- Sharon Serelina

Groote Schuur Hospital

"Resuscitates the interest in learning in our nurses and improves quality and skill in nurses leading to professional nursing care."

- Xakiwe Ngindi

Groote Schuur Hospital


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